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Poem: “Driver’s License Renewal”

February 18th, 2014 | Community Involvement

Dr. Ellaurie did a presentation for the residents of Stouffville Seniors community Parkview Village today. Ron Mancey presented her with a poem. Dr. Ellaurie was impressed and wanted to share it. Enjoy!

Driver’s License Renewal

By Ron Mancey

A pair of eyes well known to us,
Possessions to be treasured;
How can we count the beauty seen?
How can their worth be measured?

There were vistas from the mountains,
Golden sunsets on a bay;
Wind sweeping through the prairie grains,
Restless oceans, waves and spray.

Then windmills of the Netherlands,
Where tulips meet the sky;
Vienna Woods high above
The Danube flowing by.

Our eyes have seen great works of art,
In memory some are planted;
Possessive of the gift of sight
Do we ever take for granted?

St. Mark’s Cathedral, Venice
There gondolas gently swaying;
Stately castles on the Rhine
With chapels built for praying.

Have you see diamonds, sapphires, rubies
In sunlit crystalled snow?
The smile upon a baby’s face
And fireplace pictures glow?

Procrastination I know well
But now it’s time to write;
To give consent in section three
At least the gift of sight.

Thus with a sense of gratitude
Throughout successive years;
Perhaps these eyes will see again
While washed by other tears

© 1994 Ron Mancey

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