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Swim Goggles

August 1st, 2016 | Eyeglasses

It’s important for everyone to protect their eyes if there’s a chance they could harm or injure their eyes. Protective eyewear encloses the area around the eyes to prevent objects, particulates, water, or chemicals from coming into contact with the eyes.

The use of glasses in the the water can lead to foggy vision, discomfort, and you also risk losing your glasses. Similarly, contact lens wearers might experience discomfort, blurry vision, and irritation when wearing their contact lenses in the water. We don’t recommend wearing contact lenses in the water because this increases your risk of an eye infection. Prescription swim goggles provide contact lens and glasses wearers with a better option to see clearly in the water. Swim goggles are also beneficial for those with sensitive eyes who experience adverse reactions to chemicals, salts, or materials in the pool or at the beach.  

We offer Mosi prescription swim goggles which are perfect for use in the swimming pool or for a sunny day at the beach! They are available in adult and children’s sizes and are anti-fog and offer 100% UV protection. Come in today to try on our swim goggles!




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