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Frame of the Week: OGI

September 14th, 2016 | Eyeglasses

This week’s frame of the week are these OGI boy’s navy blue frames!

Ogi brand started simply with a hole in the market and one man’s desire to fill it. While running a Minneapolis retail optical shop, David Spencer felt a growing demand for small frames that were not only finely crafted but also affordable. With nothing more than a concept and a pad of paper, David began sketching out frames and shopping the idea around to every factory he could find. David launched Ogi’s first eyewear collection in 1997 with 15 unique styles in 5 colors. The first Ogi collection debuted at Vision Expo East in 1997 to a feeding frenzy of hungry buyers. David instantly found a niche for his small frames. As Ogi’s business continued to expand, so did the size of frames and the number of styles being released each year. “One of Ogi’s key philosophies from day one is a constant release of new products. Everyone is always looking for something new; Ogi never disappoints them.” Today, David’s philosophies of design continue to shine through with each new release. As the company moves forward so do David’s designs.

To learn more about OGI check out this link:


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