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Introducing New Technology: Optos Daytona!

September 19th, 2016 | Announcements, Our Clinic






We are excited to announce that today, we upgraded to the newest optomap technology called Daytona! Daytona is Optos’s cutting edge retinal imaging technology that allows us to take a 200 degree ultra-high resolution image of the retina and it also has state-of-the-art autofluorescence capability which our previous optomap didn’t have.

Part of our mission statement is to provide the best eye exams which includes offering our patients the best technology. We are excited to provide you with a new technology that will help us detect certain retinal diseases earlier than we could have in the past.

Make sure to include this new technology in your annual eye exam by booking a Gold Standard eye exam. The Optos Daytona is also very kid friendly and we recommend it to parents once their children are five years old. Book an Optos Daytona scan for the entire family to ensure your family’s eye health is well taken care of!



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