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Frame of the Week: Ray-Ban

October 19th, 2016 | Eyeglasses


These children’s Ray-Ban frames are this week’s frame of the week! With a great pop of orange colour, these frames are perfect for your little boy or girl!

Ray-Ban made its debut in the 1930s when pilots were flying higher and farther than ever before and were complaining of headaches and altitude sickness because of the glare from the sun. Enter the now classic Aviator model. It had green lenses that cut out glare without obscuring vision.

In the 1950s during WWII, Hollywood had a huge impact on what people wore. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer launched in 1952, and after they were on the big screen, they became one of the most instantly recognizable fashion accessories ever.

To this day, Wayfarers and Aviators continue to be two of Ray-Bans best-selling models and Ray-Ban continues to shape pop culture. Learn more here:

Come by our clinic to see our great selection of designer frames and sunglasses! Tune in for next week’s frame of the week!


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