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Children’s Eye Exams

80% Of Learning Is Visual. Have Your Kids Had Their Eyes Checked?

Vision is an important part of our children’s development and education as they grow up. Dr. Ellaurie has seen young patients with vision-threatening disease and because they came in for a routine exam, she prevented vision loss. This is why she feels just as strongly about examining children as she does about adults. She recommends children get their eyes checked annually as well.

Patients 19 and under are eligible for free annual eye exams with a valid Ontario Health Card. We love seeing patients of all ages!


We recommend bringing your baby in for their first eye exam at six months old ​and then annually after that​.​ Kids 19 and under​ with a valid Ontario health card​ are ​covered​ for free annual eye exams.

Children don’t usually complain about their vision because they don’t know what normal is. Also, they can grow a lot in the span of a year and vision plays a huge role in learning, so annual eye exams are especially important for them.

School Screenings

School screenings are exactly that – a screening – and do not replace a comprehensive eye exam by an eye doctor. Make sure to bring your children in even if they pass their school screening.


What Can You Expect?

Exceptional Service Is Priority #1

Expert Staff

Our Stouffville eye doctors and staff regularly attend continuing education courses and conferences so that we can provide the most up-to-date science-based care. We strive to treat every patient like a member of our own family.

Insurance & Benefits

Many benefit programs include comprehensive vision care coverage. While exams for kids aged 19 and under are covered by OHIP, benefit coverage can greatly reduce or eliminate the cost of glasses. If you aren’t sure of your coverage, we’d be happy to assist you.

Kids Packages

We offer an amazing lens package‬ for ‪‎kids‬ 16 and under. This includes a free second pair of lenses which can be ordered any time within 16 months of purchase‬! This pair can be used for a back-up pair of glasses or the next time their prescription changes. ​We use​ the best lenses for impact resistance ​since kids can be rough on their glasses.

State Of The Art Technology

Take comfort in knowing that your children will get the best eye care possible. Our clinic uses the latest technology in diagnostic equipment. Learn more

Eye Exams Matter

Your children’s vision is precious. Protect their health with an annual eye exam at our Stouffville clinic.

Eye See Eye Learn Program

We are proud to offer this program at our practice. If your child is in junior kindergarten and we determine that they need glasses, we will provide them with a FREE high quality pair! Bring your child in today!

Family Friendly

Kids Play. Parents Relax.

A play area for the kids gives you some “you” time whether you need to get your eye exam, shop for eye glasses, or just take a moment for yourself. The area has a door with a full window, so you can keep one eye on the kids at all times.

Kids Play Room