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Medical Exams

We are a full service eye clinic and should be your first destination if you have an eye injury or if you ever have any concerns with your eyes. We accept emergency and walk-in patients and have the technology to properly examine your eyes. If you go to the hospital or your doctor’s office, chances are your wait time will be longer and they may not be equipped to make an accurate diagnosis.

Do not hesitate to come in – the sooner we make a diagnosis and initiate treatment, the better. Many visits are covered under health care if you have a valid Ontario Health Card. It’s easy to book an eye exam with an optometrist using our site!

Annual Eye Exams

Annual eye exams are important because your vision is important. Also, your eyes serve as a lens into your overall health. Many conditions can be detected early through annual exams.

Exams For Children

Children don’t usually complain about their vision because they don’t know what normal is. Did you know that 80% of learning is visual?
Ensure that your kids are equipped to put their best foot forward in the classroom.